Placeholder text not showing in Notes component

My app’s URL:
The placeholder text of the Notes component in my Form is not showing (it just shows the generic “add a new note”)
Anyone else experiencing this bug?

I’ve never been a big fan of the notes component because it doesn’t show formatting once you change the note. I’ve recently switched my notes components to text entry components. I feel it looks better and expands as needed.

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@StephM The placeholder is what you see when you open the Note and it’s empty:

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Precisely. And it is showing the generic text, not the one that I’ve specified in the builder.

Thanks Jeff, makes sense. I did just that and switched to text entry. The only thing is it looks less like a text box, but at least the placeholder works now.

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Ah. And the other thing is the placeholder gets deleted once the user types in their answer. Is there any way to make this text stay?

Why would you want the placeholder text to stay if the user already filled in an answer? Wouldn’t that be confusing? How would you expect that to look?

The placeholder text would be like a pre-filled answer. The user would not actually need to type anything, or maybe they could just modify or add some text to it.

What you are describing would be default text vs. placeholder. Placeholder universally functions as grayed out text that shows only when the field is empty.

@StephM Could you share that app and tell me where to find that Notes component?

Ahh ok, thanks for clarifying @Deena and sorry for the confusion @Mark! Do you happen to know if there is any way to have default text in notes or text entry components instead of placeholder?

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Never mind, I ended up getting rid of the notes component and using text entry instead. Thanks anyway.

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