Entry text : keeping the placeholder displayed/editable

Hi, in some cases, we provide guidelines to users in the placeholder of an entry text.


It could be useful to have the option to make the placeholder editable by the end-user, so that she/he just have to complete it.

Wouldn’t that just be to set the default value in a form, or if it’s a custom form, then set the column value through an action when the screen is loaded?


Yes good idea if it is in a form.

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When would you use a text entry component outside of a form, custom or otherwise?

If I take the ex of my current app; it guides young entrepreneurs in designing the Business Model & Plan of their project: it has therefore dozens of entries, including many Text ones.

  • Each project is initiated via a Form with very few questions
  • Then the detailed writing is done in the newly created project:
    → here, my Text Entries don’t have the default value option; and this is where enabling the user to complete the placedholder would be useful.

NB : it’s clearly not a priority 1 request (since I don’t think that many people are working that way), but rather an idea (should have put it in @Jeff_Hager wiki for livecoding sessions…)

Yes, but you can still create a default value using the option that Jeff described, no?
That is:

  • Create a template column/s to hold your default text
  • Create User Specific Columns to act as the target for your text entry components
  • When a user opens the screen, use a custom action to write the default text into the User Specific Columns
  • Users can then adjust the text as desired
  • Then when the user submits, use another custom action to write the User Specific Column values to the appropriate places.

This a a technique that I use all the time, for both creating new rows and updating (editing) existing ones.

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Thank you @Darren_Murphy.
Yes, you’re both right, it is a very good workaround; nevertheless, isn’t it a little “heavy” to build if we have “50” Text entries?
My feeling is that having the ability to edit the placeholder should replace this, shouldn’t it?

I knew you would say that :wink:
And yes, but… even if you had native placeholder support you’d still face the same problem, right? You still need to store those 50 place holder text blocks somewhere…

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Not sure, why? Today the placeholder is directly entered in the Text Entry component.
(you may answer: this means that we cannot manage it in the database and risk to loose it if we delete the component: (1) As a start, I accept the risk, (2) At target, we could imagine that in GDE, the Text field proposes to enter both the title of the field + the placeholder)


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