Text entry "default value"


In forms, “text entries” field enables to have a default value.
But, in Edit mode, this is not available any more

Would be interested to have it when we build custom forms, for example to enter “placeholders” used as long instruction (the default value would remain in the field when the user clics on it, instead of disapearing). This is somehow a workaround to dynamic “instructions” symoblised by a rounded interrogation mark that exists in many sites.

[Text entry field in form]

If it’s an edit form, shouldn’t the default value be the current value?

Yes you’re right, but my remark was when we build “custom forms”.
In this case, we do not have the “default value” option.

Yes, but I’m still not understanding why you would need a default value with an edit form, custom or otherwise.

When I use custom edit forms, the action that opens the “form” will take all the existing basic values of the row being edited, and use them to set the values of the associated user specific columns. Which in turn become the “default” values. I can’t imagine any other way to do it?

Would it be better if it was a choice component that had entry options?
For example, the use of a questionnaire form, allows the user to choose an option that has been provided or give a new option.

You can (should) already do this. If the existing value came from a choice, then you present the same choice component in the edit form with the existing value selected.

Or am I missing something?

I mean the user is given the opportunity to choose one or more options that have been provided, but if the choice does not match then the user can add opinions or other options by filling in the same column instead of moving to another entry column. For example in multiple-choice, where at the last choice point the respondent is allowed to fill in his own opinion if none of the choices are appropriate.
And indeed in the choice component, it already has a default value, but it would be more perfect if you added the option of having a text entry in a single component.

When new members sign up to the app, the only value they transmit is their email address. How can I set up, that in my user sheet, their member level is set as let’s say BASIC by default?

This is easy. You can use filters to filter out the appropriate conditions.

Your question is a little off topic for this thread, but anyway…

Probably the best way is to use an onboarding screen for new users. Present a welcome message on this screen, and force them to tap a button to continue. Part of the action sequence attached to that button can be to set their member level.

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Damm it. I’ve always thought this topic was about choice components.:grinning:

Awesome @Darren_Murphy! Thank you for the hint and apologies for being off topic.

That’s interesting! Would you please explain how that would work? From my understanding, filters only work for displaying purpose. Not for filling in default values.

Works perfectly the way you described, @Darren_Murphy. Again, thank you for making my day.

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