How do you set default values for input fields, choices, etc?

Hi :cherry_blossom: Looks like it’s not that straightforward to simply set a default value
in text field: with the user name, for instance
in choice component: with a default choice
Thks :cherry_blossom:

Depends what it’s being used for.

For choice components that are writing to user specific columns and are used for filtering, I’ll normally have an if-then-else column:

  • If user specific column is empty, then default value
  • Else user specific column
    And then I’ll reference the if-then-else column as if it was the user specific column

For input components, I have my own method, but because I mostly use custom forms it probably wouldn’t be of any use to most people. So I’ll leave that one for others to answer.


If you need that choice to drive a screen somewhere in your app, what I do to set a default value is set it in the onboarding process. At the final step before the user gets access to the main content of the app, I use a set column to set all default values needed.

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