Give each user an option to Set Default Value

Hello Everyone (@ThinhDinh @Darren_Murphy @Jeff_Hager @Robert_Petitto @Manan_Mehta )
I am just trying to achieve to give an option to User to set their default values. Please note, Each user may have their own Default value for each of the fields.

For example, My App user will need to fill up form for each item which consists Token Description, Password, Container etc. Now, when User try to fill up this form for first time, or if an option in Settings Menu, I want to given them an option to Set a Default value for them for each of these fields, so that, when they fill up form for other items, default value comes automatically in the form and they do not need to fill it up.

Kindly help me with this.


I use a method in one of my apps where I have columns in my User Profiles sheet to capture the users’ choices for their defaults. The way I get those into the fields in the app is that I give them the option of filling the fields with their default values — this is done by adding a “Use My Defaults” button that has an action to add the user’s default choices into the fields in the app.

For my app, the defaults are shift start/end times, so the users will use them most of them time, but not all the time, so I wanted them to have the option to not use their default values unless they click the button.


Thank you @shchc . That’s exactly how I am trying to set it up but still not able to clearly achieve.

So basically, I have a configuration page in my App which is in user profile sheet, wherein they can enable certain fields, those fields will only be show up when they enable it.

Plus, while enabling it, I want to give them an option to set default value. In addition to this, they can also set default value while actually filling up the form.

Can we set this using “Set Column” action?


Do you want these default values to be editable when you submit a new form?

Either ways, I would put all these values in a user’s profile and I would use user profile columns to pass any values that I need in any form across the app. If you need editable values, text entry fields have default values which can be set using the user profile columns. Hope that answers it!

Hi @Manan_Mehta thank you for replying.

I guess, I got you. I will check and let you know.

Yes, almost all such fields are Drop-down field having 5-10 values each which may be changed at user’s wish while submitting form.

What I am thinking, as soon as User select particular value in drop down, will give them an option to set this value as default value for him using “Set Column”. Choice component also have default value option, I will fetch user-specific default value from User Profile to this choice component. I feel this should work.

Thank you

Yes. Have values in a user profile by default or choice, and when user go to a form use set column action to fill up these columns , and user can change them with choice or text entry component.
In order for this technique to work, user have to go to that form from user sheet, or have a relation to users sheet so you can pull that data


Looks great.

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I got your point here. You are correct. My form is actually not on User sheet nor it has relation to User sheet. Will have to restructure it or probably will need to give a user to navigate to User Settings.

Thnak you @Uzo

User profile columns are accessible anywhere throughout the app. You don’t need to restructure anything to open your form from the user profile. You can directly work with user profile values anywhere as long as you have enabled user profiles. So pulling the default values into the form should be straight forward.
However, to set columns in the user profile, that needs to happen when you are working with the user profile row, or you may need a single relation to the user profile and a set column action through that relation, but people have had issues getting a set column action to work correctly on a submit form action.

Hi @Jeff_Hager Thank you,

I am able to do this.

But my form is in another sheet, so for Set Column value, as you mentioned, I will add single relation to User profile sheet from this sheet.

I am not doing Set Column on Form submission. Rather, while filling up the form, user will select a value from drop-down and immediately user will get button to set this value as default value.

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