The note component does not save the data

Hello everyone!

I guess that is a bug. Correct me if I am wrong and I would appreciate any help!

There are note components integrated on my platform. They are linked to specific-user columns so each user could write there whatever they want. The problem is that the data does not save when it happens whereas with a standard text entry column everything works perfectly.

I am attaching screenshots just to show how it looks for me.

As always, thank you for your time and help in advance!

The “bug” has been fixed within 10 minutes. Have no idea what it was

Oops. It comes and goes. Feels like the component is not working in a stable way now

I think you are not the only one to have noticed a few issues with the new Notes component. I see a difference in behavior between mobile and desktop. You too?

Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.



For me, there is no “done” button anymore. And yes, earlier I had the same issue that you described

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