Bugs found on new Notes component on Mobile

i really love this new component. but i found two issues on mobile i hope it can be fixed soon. it will be an essential addition to my app:
issue 1: drop down option to view more features is hidden behind other components:

you see how i can only see the first two options the rest are being blocked by the next component

issue 2: if i selected a text to edit, it gets hidden by the default system (translate-copy-select all,etc…):

this can be fixed by changing the position of the format popup.

issue 3: if i added a breakpoint. it will be displayed in the card view as
i tested these on mobile, hopefully it will be fixed soon :slight_smile:


Example overlapping on iPhone bug prevents use of number and bullet lists

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@tristan @Ivo_Elbert Here are some reports on the new Notes component.

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it would be awesome if this component included link markdown!