Place Order Within a Catalog

I have a sheet with a catalog of supplies. The catalog is displayed in the card layout. When you click on the item it takes you to the detail view where it lists brand, vendor, size etc. I want team members to be able to request an item from the detail screen without going into a form or leaving the detail screen. How do I set the google sheet to be able to do this? Thank you very much for any ideas and suggestions you can provide.

I think you should add Entry Fields components.
Choice also works as input.
Try, I am also a newbie

This would probably require either a button with a zapier action or the entry fields like @edbs_India mentioned (maybe to user specific columns??? or just a specifc sheet column) , but that might lead to a whole lot of extra work to get the results you want if you need additonal formulas or scripts to handle any processing after the fact.

Thankyou @Jeff_Hager and @edbs_India for your suggestions. I decided to go with the Multi-Level-Select style app using the detail layout for the catalog categories and inline lists for the items. When in the item view I have a button for ‘Request the item’ which links to a supply request form where the user can enter quantity, their name and department. Is there any way to automatically capture the item name without asking them to select the item again?

I hope I am making myself clear. Since they clicked the button ‘Request Item’ from a certain item screen I want to record that item name automatically without asking them to choose the item from a choice field.

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" Is there any way to automatically capture the item name without asking them to select the item again?"


From the Docs “Column values allow you to submit existing values of the current item along with the user’s submission.”

Also, you might find this handy: 🆕 Choice now has a 'Display as' property

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