COMPONENT PROPS / Source -> Values -> "This Item"

Anyone knows any information about this function.

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Which component in particular? This Item refers to the current row you are viewing. With the example linked below, you can create a link to screen action on a button that will open the same row, but you can customize the view independently from the one you were on.

Hi @Jeff_Hager

What about by using it with a Choice component?

I’d like to use “This item” as a trick and save this value (register) to a user specific column but I receive a rare message associated to a relation that I don’t have.


Of course, I have created the relation (multiple or single) but nothing still helps to work with this component. What is the right procedure to work with it? Is there a bug?

Gracias por la ayuda!

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I guess I’m not sure with an implementation like a choice component. I’m wondering if it’s just showing up due to the recent enhanced link to screen feature like I described in my previous post. Maybe Glide is just using the same process to display the list of sheets everywhere in the app.

How are you trying to trick the app to save a value. Are you using a form? You can select column values from the parent row of the form button to pass through to the form response sheet.

No Jeff, I’m avoiding using a form instead. The UX will become more complex if I put a form in what I try to do (it’s the same APP you have helped me using the IsFavorite button and a template column).

I’m close to get the solution but I still have a remaining detail to celebrate!. That “This Item” in choice component could be the piece I need if it is what I think.


I’m just trying to understand what exactly you are trying to do with the choice component.