Having problems with relation columns

I understand I might be doing this wrong but, I have a relation column on my players sheet that lists all the items owned by the players. The idea is that on another part they can only play with the items they own. When I am in that section, I add a choice component linked to the player sheet and the relation column isn’t there.
Am I doing something wrong here?

I think typically reference columns are not accessible in that app for anything other than lists for example. I think it’s to protect them from people changing them. I know that not the case in your situation, but probably explains why you can’t select the column for a choice component. With that said, I don’t think what you are trying will work. The problem with the Choice component right now is that you can’t make it unique for each individual user. The values are static for everyone. I haven’t found a better solution for this yet. It might take some rethinking of your apps flow. I know some other users have done gamification and worked on building an inventory of items for each user. I don’t know how they have used those inventory items beyond just acquiring them. The best example I can give you is the Currency example in https://concepts.glideapp.io/ where money (or inventory) can be used to purchase items. It could probably be modified somehow for spending inventory. Maybe you could using filtering on lists to hide items the inventory count is less than or equal to zero.