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Hello! I’m new to the community, but excited to be here. I started working on an idea for a favorite movies and actors app. In the app I want to be able to add new movies and new actors. Movies have multiple actors. However, when I set up the movie/actor relationship columns, they no longer show up as columns to read/write data to in the add new movie screen:

Am I missing something here?

Looks like you are using the choice component. To write on your sheet using the choice component, you have to select the column field which is displayed below in your screenshot and not the “Display as” field.

Thanks for your help. In the data->column field, the options don’t display as well. I think I need 2 columns. One to create the reference and one to create the data? But I am not sure about this.

Could you send some more screenshots? And which tab are you working on? Is the tab linked to the sheet where you want to submit the data?

Hi @stephenwalker

Your relationship is unique or multiple?

To work with a choice component using a relation, this must be multiple!


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The relationship is multiple – I figured it out. It seems like I need 2 columns -> one is the data that is stored, one is the data for the choice options. Unless there’s an easier way to do this…

In the sheet I have the column Actor=Actors.Name and as soon as I create this connection, it doesn’t surface this column in the editor UI.

I think I figured it out. The tab is linked to the sheet where you submit the data. That sheet is referencing the other sheet. I ended up making 2 columns. One for the actual data and one for the options that appear in the dropdown.

@stephenwalker take a look at this APP demo to help you

I think it will give you more ideas


You are using a very old way to set up relations. When you alter the heading to create the relation, then that column is converted a relation column instead of a data column. I would advise to create your relations in the Glide data editor instead. Doing that will save you a lot of extra work having to create array formulas to copy column data to other columns. This will eliminate the need for duplicated columns in your sheet. It’s a lot easier and automatic within Glide.

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Thank you very much! I was just looking at the example projects trying to figure this out. that makes a lot more sense to do it that way.

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thank you so much

Hi @stephenwalker, my apologies for chiming in late, especially if you have now found a solution.

Just in case, here are a few tutorial videos on the relation column, they are very well done.

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Thank you, appreciate it. I think I’m used to written documentation so I made the mistake of using the videos AND using example apps that were using old ways of creating the relationship.