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Is it possible to add facebook pixel in glide?

It would be interesting to do remarketing.


Disclaimer: I just watched a short youtube video to learn about Facebook Pixel, so I have no experience.

I would have to assume that it’s not possible to insert a facebook pixel into a glide app as there is no way, or at least no recommended way to insert code into the app.

Yes it would be great, and not only to do remarketing but to run conversion campaign with an “buy event” so Facebook can use his machine learning algorithm to look for people that would buy on our app !

Is there an update on integration of Facebook pixel? I think it’s parallel to Google Analytics

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I also need this feature.


I’d like to know if you know anything about this. The truth is that I have been working with glide these last two weeks to create my app, but seeing this important limitation and not being able to integrate Google Tag Manager means that you do not have control of the data. This is why I am considering using another provider. Also, I don’t understand the complication of these integrations if the Analytics integration with the account ID could be the same.

I need this feature as well. Looks like a vote button was attached to this so cast your vote!

Pixel is crucial feature for online funnel, retargeting campaign, scale up database so should be on top priority in glide. I stop practice glide only due to this.

Hmmm this could actually be a huge selling point for Glide (maybe) since Apple has recently place more restrictions making it difficult for adtech. So since Glide is still web based not native, makes it appealing to marketers who haven’t adjusted to new Apple guidelines:

Muito boa pergunta, tenho um app de marketing place, isso ajudaria muita gente daqui

This is shipped.

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