Adding custom pixels on glide app


I am about to run some ad campaigns to my app, and have a question on pixels setup.
At this point i do see that there is only google analytics option, so google Ads will works fine with it.
But if i want to run the Facebook campaigns, i need to setup their code - is there any workaround on how it can be done ? As far as i see adding google tag manager is not possible to add , but maybe it can be done via cloudflares zaraz ?

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I don’t think you can insert something like Facebook Pixel into Glide. I think the case is still the same compared to this comment from Jeff.

Out of curiousity, how do you insert Google Ads? I wá under the impression that Google Analytics helps you understand the behaviour of the user when using your app, not cleared if it also helps integrating ads.

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By this i mean that when you setup google analytics you can push the conversion and segments data to google ads right out the box, without any additional pixels to be installed there.
Anyway i suppose adding option to enter google tag manager there is not that hard, like this is just a line of custom code ( works same way as google analytics in terms of setting it up ).

How is this not been implemented yet? Adding GTM will be huge for Glide, I’ve been using Softr to build my app and it’s a painful experience, the only thing holding me from migrating to Glide is being able to install Google Tag Manger, please Glide team make this a priority.