GTM and Facebook Pixel

Hello Gliders! Our team needs some urgent assistance with integrating Facebook pixel, Google Tag Manager and Glide to launch our first marketing campaign. We have successfully added the Facebook pixel, but the actions made by users on Glide do not appear in analytics so we can’t track them. We followed the instructions provided by Glide, but no progress. Has anyone encountered a similar issue? We would really appreciate some help!

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This is interesting. Can you share some insights on how you set this up? If I recall right, people have struggled with this since 2019 and no one ever got an answer in the forum.

I don’t have insights on other things though, hope someone else can chime in.

Hello ThinhDinh! The thing is we added the FB pixel to the Google Tag Manager (not to Glide) but we can’t add the GTM code into Glide…

Google Tag Manager integration is available.

Do you have an App and Team Plan that supports integrations, and have you enrolled in the Beta Program?

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There is an app named GTM Assistant by Shopify. It can help in easily installing GA4 & Meta remarketing pixels. Here is the app link for your reference: GTM Assistant - GA4 & Meta Pixel Conversion APIs through Google Tag Manager | Shopify App Store