Remarketing with zapier and other options

Hello partners,

Seeing that it is impossible to integrate the Facebook pixel into glide, I have thought about the possibility of integrating the Google spreadsheet with Facebook Custom Audiences through Zapier. Have any of you done it and if you have done it, how did it go?

Another option that I am thinking of to be able to do remarketing is to combine my website with glide through deep links. Before specifying the funnel I clarify that my app sells cultural routes. The client’s Funnel on the web would be:

Home web (a summary of the project, the advantages and the routes appear)
Route file where the route will be briefly explained, how to pay and how the app works, as well as having a button that redirects through a deep link to the section of the route in glide with more information.
Glide route section with login button (if you have not registered yet), purchase or add the cart and more detailed information.
Once you buy, the route begins.
The good thing about this is that in the first two steps, being on the web, I can integrate the Facebook pixel and have information from users interested in the different routes to do remarketing.

What do you think? And if they have been able to do it, first of all, can you tell me how they did it?