Pie Charts fine in Designer but Distorted on Phone

Take a look at the center. Thanks!

Using an iPhone 11 PRO v 13.6

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Looks like it’s been in some1s face.

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@mark Just want to ask if it’s okay to follow up on bugs or do we assume they’re in queue? This one is holding up my team from being able to take screenshots for marketing assets so I wanted to ping on it. I am using Pie Charts in an entire section of data. Thanks!


Could you please share the app and how to get to that screen?

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It’s whitelist email. Can you guys get in? Note that the charts are fine in the designer and in production on desktop, but distorted on the iPhone.

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Just checking in on the pie chart situation. Here are two zoomed in images. I am now demoing this app to prospective customers and the data is a central point in the demo so this feature gets a lot of visibility and isn’t looking good right now.

Screenshot 2020-07-28 at 9.43.02 AM

Hi Deena!

I would love to help fix this problem and was wondering if you could add my email to the white list? It’s tru@heyglide.com :)! If you could also send me an updated version of where exactly the pie charts are that would be great (unless it’s the same as the previous screenshot you shared).


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You’re whitelisted with that email…and yes, the pie charts are in the same location as in previous screenshot. Thank you!

Hey Deena!

Can you access this url: https://suprteams.glideapp.io/ ? Does it say Not Found?

Sorry! I forgot that I adjusted the url. Here is the current app: https://suprapps.glideapp.io/

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This has been fixed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you!