Maps crashing app when zooming in

My app’s URL (our “staging” environment):
Our “production” environment (just for reference):

We’re running into a consistent issue where the maps on our app are crashing the app when you zoom to a certain level. Attached is a screen recording of the issue.



I can verify that this isn’t a user-specific issue. I have the exact same bug on my app! :grimacing:

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…and third verification of the issue. It’s exact same white out screen when you try to Zoom in on a pin. It starts zooming in ok, then boom! Whiteout. Crashes the app when it does that.

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Why haven’t they fixed it? It only happened in my IPhone.

+1 => Pro Glide App on iphone 11pro iOS 13.7(17H35) - screenshot video attached

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@david @Jason @JackVaughan Hey guys, this is clearly a critical issue for a number of pro users. Effectively makes the map functionality not usable :cry:

Would be great to get an update from someone on the Glide team about whether you all are looking into this issue, and what the timeline/status is for releasing a bug fix?

Thanks so much, appreciate all that you do to help us build products!

Agree. The maps need some attention…

Clustering, icon color options and possibly even different icon options for different types of records.

@david @Jason @JackVaughan - FYI: this issue of map blanking out the screen and crashing the app can be also seen on iPad and on iOS14.1 - hope these insights are helpful - is it anything else we can do to help you? ETA would be nice :sunglasses::+1: - thanks!!

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Appreciate you guys reporting this. We know about it and are working to get it fixed. Thank you for your patience.


+2 apps here. Happens on the 2nd pinch-zoom. I only have 10 pins using Lat/Long in one of them so it’s not a product of # pins

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