Progress bar not showing on iPhone

I’m wondering why my progress bar shows up on my desktop app builder, but not when I put the app on my phone? Everything else shows up properly, just not this progress bar.

Your Starting and Goal are zero, so I’m guessing its a divide by zero error somewhere in your logic. I would figure out why the Goal value is zero, since I’m assuming that’s the max value for your chart.

Hmm. So it shows the correct values in the app builder on both the data table as well as the front end, just not when it’s on my phone.

The progress bar is pulling from a data set in my Dashboard table which is controlled by a user-specific selector.

Hi, if your Rollup columns are pulling calculations from rows(tables) that has rowOwners it might have been an issue why information is not showing if user is not rowOwner.
Just an assumption. I might have been on completely wrong path.


Are you signed in as the same user on your phone?
What happens if you use the selector to change months?


So I did add a new column for email and made it the row owner, but no change on the phone after updating.

Yes, I’m signed in with the same email. The progress bar and the text below doesn’t change when I choose another month, but the table below updates correctly for each month.

This is all sitting on that dashboard table that we built yesterday (?), yes?
Do any of the tables that your relations/rollups are connected to have row owners applied?

If they do, remove the row owners and see if that resolves the problem. If it does, and you need the row owners, then we can address that.


Hello @Darren_Murphy ! Yes it is in the dashboard table. I removed all row owners from all tables and refreshed the app. Still doesn’t show.

I’m looking at using to replace this progress bar, so I’m wondering if I’ll have the same problem. Let me try to get the new chart in first as this might all be a moot point if that works.

Just another thing to check:

  • Open the app in your phone
  • In the builder, make sure you’re “Viewing as…” the same user that you’re logged in as with your phone
  • Go to the data editor, and navigate to the Dashboard table
  • On your phone, use the selector to change months
  • Watch the Selector value in the Dashboard table - you should see it change after a few seconds.

Ok, I did do those steps and yes, the table changes in the editor. I’m also see that the quickchart is showing on my phone now, so I’ll see if I can pursue that route.

So even using the quickchart graph, I still have the same problem. Displays correctly on the builder, but not on the phone. There is only one user and I’ve removed all row owners from my tables.

Sorry for interuption again. I see that two of you will come up with solution eventualy. Just one more (maybe stupid) suggestion - have you tried to clean your browser cache memory on your iPhone (or clean app data)?

It’s not an interruption at all :grinning: I really appreciate your input. I just tried your suggestions, but it didn’t help at all. I’ll have to do a little more digging as to why some data shows but other fields don’t.

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So any data I pull from my Trades table shows up, but not anything that is in the Dashboard table…

It must be a phone issue, right? If the data displays on the app builder, but not on the phone…

Do you have any other device to try with? Any other iPhone or Android phone?

I can use another iPhone later today to test it out.

The other thing that is different about the Dashboard table (that doesn’t display) and the Trades or Goals tables (that do display) is that the Dashboard has the user-specific column for containing the selected month. The tables that don’t have a user-specific column display just fine…I guess I don’t know enough about the user-specific columns to know if that plays a factor or not.

As I’m aware of it, user-specific columns can show or present user-specific data independently so the user experience is personalized and control of data is retained. So… if users have clean credentials to see all the data you would like to present and rows or columns are populated with data, I can see no reason for displaying it. As I’m writing this, I have some problems refreshing my data (GoogleSheets tables). It seems like server communication is bad or down. Maybe it has something to do with your data if it is in GS tables.