Progress-Bar doesn't work

Hello people,

I got an App, where people read an article every day. Once they read it they get 1 point.
On my start tab there should be a progress bar shown for each user.

I calculate the points in my user sheet - each row one user. All user have one column with the total number of points.

PROBLEM: The progress bar shows always only the progress of the first user of my user table. If I switch the viewing option (viewing as user 1 or viewing as user 2) it’s always the same progress even though the points of each user differ.

More information:

  • Since I make the calculation in sheets I can’t set up a user specific column.
  • The start tab is connected to the user sheet itself

What am I doing wrong? :no_mouth:


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You need to add a filter to the tab, where email is signed in user.

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Amazing! THANKS a lot! :slight_smile:

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