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I am trying to make an individual progress bar, but I can’t get it to work. First, I tried to put a switch in a form that submits the user’s inputted value to my assignment sheet. I want the switch value to go into a user-specific column, but I can’t enter (via the form) or relate the value into the user-specific column. Am I doing something wrong, or are there any methods that I can use to accomplish my goal?

Why do you want to put a switch in a form though?

So your current setup is, let’s say you have a goal that you want multiple users to achieve, and you want to show individual progress bars based on user-specific columns?

Yes, but I do not know how to set it up. I put the switch/checkbox in a form because I can’t select the user-specific column. I tried to relate it into the user-specific column, but that didn’t work either.

You should be able to point a switch component to the user-specific column, or is there any problem there?

I am not able to point a switch component to the user-specific column.



This is inside a form right? Why don’t you do that outside of the form?

With the form, I can choose which sheet I want the input to go. If it is outside of the form I can only use the sheet for that tab. The emails and Row IDs are in a different sheet so I wouldn’t be able to use user-specific columns.

What type of info do you capture in that column, and why does it need to be user specific? It looks like a sheet for profiles.

I am capturing the user’s inputted switch value. I want to use user-specific columns so the progress bar is individual. Am I supposed to use a different feature?

You only use user-specific columns when you need other users to interact on the same row. Is that the case here?

A form is going to create a new row no matter what, so in most cases it defeats the purpose to try to fill a user specific column in a form response sheet. Especially if the row is already specific to a user. Nothing wrong with having them in the sheet or the concept of filling a user specific column through a form I guess, but I can’t think of a lot of scenarios where you would need to do that. A form will not update an existing row.

Maybe we need a better idea of how you plan to translate a true/false switch value into a progress bar.

So if I wanted to have an individual progress bar in a specific tab, the user specific column would have to be in the sheet for that tab?

Forgetting about user specific columns and forms for a minute…what is your ultimate goal. What kind of data are you collecting and how do you want to display it. It’s hard to give a solid answer without knowing what you specific goal is. I think you are taking the wrong approach, but I’m trying to understand. What is your progress bar for? What kind of information does it represent? What is the purpose of the screen where you are trying to show this progress bar? Is it an accumulation of data for 1 specific user, or is it an accumulation of data for all users? Do you ultimately want to count the total true values where the user turned on the switch?

My goal is to create a progress bar that counts each user’s assignment in a tab (I will be making three of these). I want to count the accumulation of true values, or completed assignments for each specific user, and for that count to be represented in the form of a progress bar.

Still a little confused. Does each tab represent an assignment or does each progress bar represent an assignment? Is it showing the number of assignments one student completed, or the number of students that completed one assignment?

There are three tabs that hold a certain amount of assignments. The progress bar is showing the user
how many assignments they complete.

In the assignments tab, make a user-specific column that holds a boolean value. In your user profiles sheet, make a template column joining the signed-in user’s email and the true value (e.g: true), in the assignments tab make a template column joining the signed-in user’s email and the value of the user-specific column.

Create a relation matching those two columns and make a rollup using a count calculation. That should give you the number of completed assignments for the signed-in user.

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Thanks! I will try that.

To add to that, make a rollup in your user profiles sheet pointing to your assignment sheet, any column would work, then use a count action to take back the total assignments you have in the app. Then make a progress bar with the two rollups.

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Got it. Thanks again!

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