Bug on the progress bar: it always shows the first users data

My app’s URL: http://homeflow.glideapp.io/

I cannot show each of my users progress in the progress bar.

I can do it in one tab (home) but not on the other tab (checklist) where it always shows a fix value, my very first user on the database. How can I fix that?

Is your checklist screen filtered at all to attach to the correct row? By default it’s always the first row, or the first row of the user if you are using row owners. You can also filter by signed in user, but row owners is more data secure.

Hi Jeff,

nope, it is not filtered. That must be the problem.

I tried to filter it to “signed-in” user but that didn’t work.

I haven’t set up row owners, how does that work?

Thanks again!

Where did you set the filter, on the list or on the screen. Sometimes people get confused. Can you show a screenshot of your filter settings that you just set up?

Here’s information on Row Owners.

Here’s more information on general security.

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