Progress bar not showing on iPhone

Read more here about User Specific Columns. They just allow multiple users to write values to the same column without getting in each others way. Imagine you and I are viewing your app at the same time, and I change the selected month to October. If that wasn’t using a user specific column, then the month would also change for you. So it just allows us to have our own view of the data independently of each other.

Back to the issue at hand. This is all quite odd, and I can’t immediately think what the problem is. Is there any way that I could see this for myself?

Would it be an option to allow me to make a copy of the app?


Thank you for willing to take a look at it. How can I allow a copy to be made?

Enable the below setting, and publish the app. If you don’t want to share the link publicly, you can send it to me in a private message.

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Just for curiosity: are you using iPhone with iOS v12.x?

I have some weird problems with some components using Safari on v12.x.
E.g.: sometimes an InLine List is not showed.


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I believe that the problem is resolved, but I’ll wait for @Trading_5_Talents to confirm that before elaborating on what the issue was.

Hmm. Even after clearing all web data and restarting the app on the phone, I still don’t see the graphs or any data from the dashboard?

Hello! I’m using an iPhone 8 on 14.8.1 OS. For me, I can see the lists, just not data from one of my tables.

Are you testing with the version of the app that I shared privately, or still with your own version?

So the issue here ended up being the buggy Format Date plugin.

  • Explanation
    The Format Date plugin was being used in multiple tables to coerce date values into a common format, so they could be used to establish relations. There are known issues with some of the Glide date plugins where they will fail for some combinations of device/browser date format and locale settings. So whilst it worked fine in the builder (and in a desktop browser), it was failing on a mobile device.
  • Solution
    Discard the Format Date plugin, and instead use math/template columns to format the dates, and build the relations using the templated dates.

Thank you so much @Darren_Murphy! It works perfectly and after looking at your corrections, it makes sense now. I hope Glide can fix this bug in the format date plugin as it was quite frustrating.


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