Data 0

Hi glide expers,

Hi im trying to let my amount data to be used on a progress bar but it shows 0 on it. What should i do?

i would be really appreaciate if this problem solved thanks in advance

How is your progress bar configured?

Do you use row owners anywhere? Specifically in the table that your relation links to.

My progress bar is configured under the details of card list. I use row owners on things that should be special like users Activity(includes name , amount, type). Yes i use row owners on the table in my relation.

I was hoping for some screenshots, or more details on how the progress bar itself is configured through the component settings. Not where it’s located. I wanted to see the value chosen, and the min/max settings.

The data editor doesn’t truly reflect row owners the same way the app does. Make sure the data you are relating to is owned by the same user you viewing the app as.

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