Photo Main Not Visible on iPhones?

Each Sunday, we compose a cover story for our APP. Today, for some odd reason - the image is not visible on iPhones - but visible on all other devices. Can anyone tell me how to resolve this?

Liz Scull

Need more information…

  • how is the image added to your App?
  • where is it hosted?
  • how is it displayed in your App?
  • are you able to share your App link and direct us to the screen where the image should be?

Thanks Darren - this is added as a component as an Image > Photo Main > link.

Okay, so using an Image Component, yes?

What about my other questions?

Sorry Darren - juggling a few things this morning.

This is hosted on our website:
Displayed as the landing page once you login to the app.
I cannot share the link because it is Private for club members only.

Liz Scull

Unless you’re magic - the matter resolved when I deleted the url and started over by pulling the link from Google Drive into the component.

Thanks for being willing to help, Darren.

Liz Scull

First and foremost, the image needs to be publicly accessible. If the image is only accessible to user that are signed into your website, then that could be the problem. Google drive is also not the greatest for hosting images externally, although it can work.

  • Images need to be public to the world.
  • They should ideally be hosted on a site that is designed to host images for external consumption.
  • Glide storage is usually the best place to host images.
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