Performance Issues - Any Tips & Tricks?

I am facing performance issues in the app that I am developing. Once a user enters data using the ‘+’ button, the time taken for Glide to reflect data in my app is nearly 20 seconds now compared to what it was initially (4 seconds). The number of rows is nearly 250 now. Everyday, around 10 rows gets added up. The sheet has about 23 tabs. (All these tabs does it’s own processing).

I do have a lot of ARRAYFORMULA and other logics working.

Sometimes, I have to go to Glide builder and do the “Reload Sheet” to get data refreshed on front end.

Are there any Performance Enhancement tips that we can use while designing the Google Sheet framework?

It will be great if we can have a Do’s and Don’ts wiki kind of list that we can refer.



Great question. I’d like to hear what @david or @Mark has to say on this topic.

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@B_Y Would you mind sharing your app? I’d like to see what’s going on on our backend. 250 rows should not be an issue at all.

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If you have formulas in the sheet, it can take a few seconds to minutes for that data to be reflected back on the glide app. I have this same problem with my app. That’s because Google needs to send a notification to glide that something changed due to the formula and glide needs to pull down the updates to push to the app. Sometimes it takes Google awhile to send that notification, especially if you are making frequent changes. I’m guessing that glide does not want to ping Google for new data constantly, but it sounds like glide is working on eventually allowing some level of formula ability within the data tab of the builder. When that happens, creating formulas there instead of the sheet would help with speed immensely.


@Mark Thanks for the response.
I will remove the personal info in the app and will share you a cleaner version in a day. :blush:

I have way too many rows ans way too many arrayformulas in my app. Worrisome.

I think generally you should be fine. Any updates due to formulas in the sheet usually update in Glide pretty fast. To me it seems faster than it used to be. Any lag you see now would probably be the same with a small sheet vs a very large sheet. I don’t know the back end, but any data in the sheets are synced up with data on Glides servers, and I assume only changes are transferred back and forth. From what I’ve read elsewhere, sheet size scales pretty well and shouldn’t affect the performance of the app.

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