Performance improvement request - Loading Apps vs Pages

Hi, Nathanael. Yes, we’ve been in the wings waiting for the feature set in Pages to expand to the point where everything we’ve built in Apps can be done in Pages. From what you alluded to and the Dec 6 Year in Review presentation, it sounds like this will happen in 2023…very cool. :+1:

Curious, in the mobile view of a Pages project, does the application behave and look like a native app like Apps currently do (e.g., no web browser frame or controls) and can these Pages projects be “installed” on devices (e.g., added to device home screens in a similar fashion) where they launch like a native app as Glide Apps do currently (e.g., open as a native app without any web browser frame or controls)?

I appreciate your insight and taking the time to chat with me about this. Thx!