Pay-as-you-go overbilling

I’m being charged for updates that I don’t recognize and aren’t on my usage screen


I hope the team can help me solve this problem because I didn’t have objective answers by email, I can’t pay that extra amount and I can’t even be without my apps

Curious why youre being billed $290 for only 6k updates, which should be only $60.

In the invoice it claims that I used 28314 updates, but it does not specify where this is from

Something is not right with your first screenshot. Sometimes it needs a second to load. 30.000 of 25.000 with 29 days remaining means your on track for 1M updates this cycle.

I’d guess had you opened the usage tab a few days ago you would have seen the usage from the previous billing cycle.

I would submit a Billing Inquiry to Glide. Not much we can do in the forum.

Good point, the 30,625 is for 1 day this billing cycle where the $290 is from last billing cycle. Thats a lot of updates lol

Ya but now I’m thinking “this month” is a separate calculation then the reset… because we are halfway through the month… his updates track.

I will pay more attention to my own updates and see if I can confirm.