Exceeded Monthly Update Allotment, but Can't Get Glide Usage and Billing Tabs to Load

I’ve exceeded the monthly update limit with 7 days remaining and updates are still piling up as I have multiple active conferences running.

Will I automatically be billed for additional updates or do I need to buy additional updates manually?

On the Glide website, the Usage and Billing tabs aren’t loading. Everything seems to be going really slowly, but the Glide Status website says everything is operational.

can you say how all solved? or not?

Glide support said they will be evaluating the usage of non-profit members and will be making updates to the plan soon. They said they would send an email to all non-profit members once the updates have been made.

so… solution not appear for now?
awaiting for new plan and anouncment about it

It’s appears they’ve accidentally broken some features in the non-profit plan currently. I have a separate thread about it here: Usage Page Updated, but Limits Don't Make Sense