Unpredictable Update Charges and Overbilling Issue


I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to share my recent experience with GlideApps subscription and seek some clarity on a concerning issue.

I’ve been a loyal GlideApps user for a while, and my subscription is $99 per month. This plan includes a 10,000 updates limit. This month, I was charged $189.

Upon reviewing my dashboard, it shows that I’ve used 13,000 updates, which seems to imply a 3,000 extra usage. However, I am confused because I expected to pay only for the extra 3,000 updates beyond my 10,000 limit, which should have cost me $30 (3 x $10 per 1000 updates).

The inconsistency lies in the fact that I was charged $90 over my $99 subscription, which implies 9,000 extra updates, not 3,000. This discrepancy is concerning, as I had no intention of exceeding my plan’s limits by such a large margin.

I understand that GlideApps charges $10 for every additional 1000 updates, which is clear in the pricing. However, it seems that the billing system is not accurately reflecting my usage, and this unpredictability in charges is causing frustration.

I kindly request that GlideApps review my account and provide clarification regarding the discrepancy in the number of updates billed. I believe that a more transparent and predictable billing system would greatly benefit all users and eliminate

We can’t really help with this in the community. What you should do is submit a billing enquiry directly with Glide support. Follow the directions in the linked thread below:


Musab, our support team is aware and looking into it.

Currently, when you view your usage screen, you’re not viewing your usage screen for the previous period for which you’ve already been charged. Soon you’ll be able to see your usage for previous periods as well.

In your case you’ve had many failed payments which confuses our billing system. When we keep failing to charge your card, the usage period can overlap, which causes an issue with counting. Will make sure to give you a refund if appropriate.

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Thank you David, for your response and assistance.I attempted to upgrade to the business plan, but I encountered an issue where it initially appeared to be free, but it asked for an extra payment before completing the upgrade, it would be nice to view the requested price, currently it is hidden, I will try to upgrade today.

BTW I regularly receive emails like the one mentioning that I’m approaching the limits of Glide’s Pro Team plan for September 2023 as an example, which is helpful. However, could you please include updates because it has become more relevant lately? and it would be great if you could incorporate budget control into the system.

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