Pages Tab Label not showing correctly

It’s displaying this instead of my Tab name.
Screenshot 2023-01-21 at 13.19.24

My Name is not displaying at all… is it meant to?

Yes this is very recent issue, last few days - and its only for the “landing page tab”. The other tabs are all fine.

I have just reported this to the team. Thanks for the heads up!

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Any news on this yet? It really looks out of place.
The Landing page label on mobile is just these two symbols \ |

Any news on this yet.
It really doesn’t look nice. I’m sure it’s not a big thing to fix. I think they broke it when they were altering how the menus and profile page button work.
Please see if they can change it asap, it’s unfortunate that it happened on the landing page/tab, the other tabs would have been better.

I don’t have any news about this, I just let them know again about the issue. Will let you know if I hear anything. You can assume there’s no update if I haven’t replied back.

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This shouldn’t happen anymore. Could you please open a support request (with a support link) so we can look into this?

Unfortunately still there. I’ll try open request👍

I did send a support link just now, but i’m on a lower price plan for now so i don’t think they acknowledge support requests. Please chase this up if you can, this is affecting all of glides users (really not a good advert for glide)

Hey guys, FYI there’s a new feature added that no one told me about that was causing this issue. You now have the ability to name your tabs differently to your sheets/tables names. The | must have been a default or something, maybe they still need to look at this issue and make it default to the Sheet or tables name (as it does for all but the landing tab on mobile only)

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