DYNAMIC label name (screen name)

Hey :slight_smile:
It was very helpful in GLIDE PAGES
That the label name (screen name) be dynamic
And it will be possible to choose from the database

Can you explain your use case for wanting the tab name to dynamically change? You can already set the Navigation Page name when you create a new screen as displayed in the Breadcrumb.

  1. To translate the page…
  2. To Optimize the page for mobile…
  3. Use it as a side menu for other tabs.
  4. Hide it when you need it.

Multi language support.

This is a duplicate of the below feature request.

Friends please vote :pray:
It will help everyone

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Glide does not care for requests or bug reports… trust me :wink:

With non-dynamic page labels, as is today, it is not possible to make a data-driven label (i.e.: client’s name). And, it would be nice to display a cilent’s name under the icon of his personalized home page, in the tab bar.

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