Tab title related to signed in user

Hi Gliders, is there a way to have the tab title change depending on the signed in user? In my case I have different venues using the app & when a user from a particular venue signs in I want their customized home sceen to have the venue name as the TAB title. Is this possible? Cheers

Hey, have you tried using templates + visibility conditions?

Hi @SantiagoPerez, thanks for the feedback. I have checked out a Gamification app, (@Robert_Petitto is it yours? with Master Heebs!) & the tab name is “Players” & then once you click on the player & see their detail profile the name is the players name. I see how it was done. However I am wanting the users Venue name to be the tab name without them having to click on anything. So short of creating multiple user specific home pages & using visibility I am stuck. Cheers

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As of now I believe the tab level title is not a “variable” to be pointed to the column. You can only configure that on deeper level screens.

Thanks @ThinhDinh I will move on & come back to this when/if it becomes an option. :slight_smile: :laughing:

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I think the only way you could do that now would be to duplicate the tabs and then use visibility to display the appropriate tab for each signed in user.

Not a practical option though if you have more than a handful of users.

The ability to use variable tab labels is also something that’s required to be able to properly support multi-lingual apps.


Hi @Darren_Murphy thanks for the input. Is there a Feature request we can upvote for it?

Indeed there is!

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Upvoted & a few others! Cheers