Dynamic Tab Labels

How about adding lookup lable here

same like


I don’t know but I feel that its simple and important to lookup a label for a tab since sometimes we are using it for localization workaround till the localization feature is published

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Well said, man!
This would be soooo necessary
Can you create a feature request?

Giving this one a bump, and yes there is a feature request for it.

Not being able to dynamically set tab labels is a stumbling block if you need to support multiple languages in your app. Currently you only really have two options:

  1. Duplicate all tabs for every language you need to support (ugh!)
  2. Dispense with tab labels altogether.

Neither option is very appealing…


Bumping this one as well, also re-titled for clarity.


Bumped as well.

Bumping this


We need this it helps is in translation

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Must be very powerful

My use case for this is to enable counters along with the label names. So for example, in the fixed nav menu that appears across the bottom of a mobile device, you would see a count of the number of collection items that have been favourited. Similar to a lot of native apps.

Well still this is very important thing for translation and it will be easier to switch the tab names


This could be a game-changer because this would allow to display user-specific notifications, e.g. nubmer of new, unread messages, tasks, orders, etc.

User experience could get a 10x boost.

Can we make the Label field for a tab dynamic?

Example use case:

I have an inbox as part of the MyJourney tab. I would love to be able to signal message alerts by toggling the name of the tab (Label) between MyJourney and MyJourney :bell:


This has been a feature request since Moses was in primary school :slight_smile:


I should have mentioned the workaround is of course to toggle visibility between 2 identical tabs with different Field names… but not very elegant.

Yes please please

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@david Any ETA on this request as we now trying to do multi language apps?