The Name of a Tab is used in two incompatible places

I have come across a situation where I need to have two names for tabs – one descriptive always visible as the banner of the screen, and another limited to one word to improve the understanding of the icon used to represent the tab at the bottom of the screen. Here’s what is happening now:

Right now, the two labels seem to be linked. Does anyone know of a way to delink the labels?

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No, there is no way to delink them as of now.

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How willing are you to dive into CSS manipulation?

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dive as deep as possible to do it :wink:
I am not scared to learn

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I’ve been using HTML, CSS, and Javascript since the beginning of the web until about 5 years ago when I backed off a bit at staying up to date.

So, give me some places and suggestions and that will help me a lot get around this problem.

And I will also make a feature request so that some of @david’s “billion new software developers” will not have to use this workaround. I expect we all have a bunch of such suggestions that fall under this same characterization…

I am a huge supporter of this goal so that Glide does for smartphone app creation what MSWord and Excel did to support billions of ordinary writers and ordinary numerical workers. Perhaps there needs to be a new message category for messages that are suggestions for higher-level Glide concepts and constructs that will make it possible to reach the 1 billion mark.


@Jeff_Hager: I am interested in getting your advice about what CSS I could use to be able to decouple the name of the sheet from the name below the tab icon. Thanks.

Sorry, @Jeff_Hager I didn’t explore the reference you gave. I hope I can figure this out myself… – HF

This is the best I could do so far, but I couldn’t find a stable class name that would work across different devices/browsers/layouts

.efWssb {
	 visibility: hidden;
.efWssb:after {
        visibility: visible ;
	content: "New Text"; 

This works on the devices/browsers/layout I was testing with, but the class name could be different for different people…unless someone else can find a better solution.