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Hi, maybe I’ll do a very basic query but I have gone through the topics and can’t find the solution.
How do I remove the tab name in the header? Thanks a lot


This might be possible with CSS but you must do it on a details screen, otherwise if you need a tab title to be empty it must be empty both in the main title and the icon title.

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Thanks Thinh I will try to do as you say with Css, greetings.

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#app-root div[opacity='1'] {
  color: transparent; 

Hi, but should I paste the code in as a rich text?


Cludio does it work for you? I can’t make it work

Yes it works … remove the space before the “pre”, “span” and “style”

modified your post @Claudio_Balbino to help you out. use back ticks to wrap css in code:

``` .
``` .

Thank you @Robert_Petitto … learning to use this platform :+1: :wink:

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@Camilo_roca … Did it work for you now?

Hi Claudio, finally I could not do it this way, but I have solved it in reverse by modifying the Css of the site and the application’s Hambur Menu remained working (Screenshot by Lightshot ) I am going to calmly see what happens with my application and why it does not accept Css, I am going to see if I find any information regarding this issue here in Glide, I must be doing something wrong, I am interested in knowing to be able to make other modifications that I need .
Thank you very much for your help, Greetings.

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Hi Robert, my question is about the way to insert Css is via rich text or can I also do it through the google sheet?

I believe the only way you can inject CSS to the app is through a rich text component. Doing it in the Sheets would still not avoid having to use it in a rich text component afterwards.


What he said :point_up_2:

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I can’t help noticing in your screen shot that you added an e to the end of transparent, ie. transparente.
I don’t believe that will work.

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Hello it is correct in the following message I corrected it, but after correcting that error it did not work either Screenshot by Lightshot

You have spaces in your pre, span, and style tags. Get rid of the spaces so they become valid html tag. It’s not rendering correctly because they aren’t be recognized as valid tags.