Tabs.... become the browser tab title! I had no idea (and it is not brilliant)

I use tabs to control the user flow through my app.

Doing testing, I saw that people who used the browser and not + add to home have the app in their browser in a tab. And the tab title is… the name of the tab in Glide.

So the user sees OB1, OB2, etc for my app…

It would be much better to just have a Title for the app… OR to allow us to control what goes in the tab title.


ok - more testing … now on the home page the user sees ‘Covessa - Home’ … and yet I only have ‘Home’ as my tab name.

Any insights?

I now am using the tab icons - which I hide with CSS anyway - so can remember which tab does what!

@Mark_Turrell once you’re using CSS to remove the nav bar and screen title, you can rename as you want :grin:

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I have never had issues renaming tabs, pages, titles, etc.

:cow: :cow2:

Sorry, I couldn’t resist…

What I usually do is naming my tabs like this : (let’s say that I have three OB pages)

  • Welcome !
  • Some informations about our app
  • Tell us your name and choose your preferences
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