The title does not change the name

I made a copy of an application that I had, changed everything to the new application, but the title does not change


Can you take a screenshot that shows more, or make a video? I can’t tell much from the small mashup screenshot.

When the name of the main tab is changed, the title in the application also changes. but in my case, the tab has a name and the title of the app another one as shown in the images.

Notice in the images, that the title of the application is not the same as the Tab

Do you want the tab text and title text (top text) to be different - or the same?

Seems to be related to this issue:

I want them to be the same. The app is for pizzeria and not fast food

@Alex_Calandrino have you tried to create a new tab with the wanted information? I actually want the opposite where the top text is different from the tab text - and i have difficulties obtaining that, so I should be easy for you to obtain the situation where the top text and the tab text is the same.

I had the rework of doing this to make it work, but this problem must be solved by the Glide team