Ordered fruits and vegetables for shopkeepers

Hi, I’m new. Is it possible to create à form to allow shopkeeper from market to sell their fruits and vegetables ? For instance (3 field) : Apple ; in kg ; field to fill by customers with the number of kg of Apple. If yes is it possible to propose several quantity by default: 300g, 600g or the number of pieces of a product ?
At the end the customers can send, on submit, his list of products to the shopkeeper by private mail.
If it’s possible can We create à shopping list with the total price (the 4th field display price of product) and pay online. Then add two options drive or delivery ? Thanks

even better, is it possible to allow each shopkeepers to manage their products while giving them a personnal account . It coulb be better i f they want to inform about the availability and the price which changes every day.
Could I take glideApp pro ?


That’s a lot of questions to take in. In short, yes I’d say most if not all of that is possible. It may require some zapier or scripting integration at some point, but you can create almost anything with Glide.