Is it possible to create a grocery delivery app in Glide?

Hi Glide Community,

Sorry for my ignorance but unfortunately I have no technical background.

I would like to build a grocery delivery app with a particular feature besides having an “e-commerceesque” shop.

Is it possible to build a feature where customers could shop by writing a grocery list in a chat according to certain simple rules (quantity, type of product, brand, dosage), and return to them a shopping order where they can choose between different options for a singular line of “text list” they wrote?

I’m not sure if I’m explaining myself well. I just want to know if it’s possible before I invest myself into Glide instead of using Bubble or another no-code app builder.

I already have plenty of data as I launched the business with an webapp with Woocommerce, but 90% of my users preferred writing a grocery list through whatsapp and with each purchase their lists became more “automatically” correct with their expectations. This is the experience I want to translate into an app.

Is it possible?

PS: Or better yet, do you think you can do it? Unfortunately, my co-founder (computer engineer) found a good job in Zürich and couldn’t keep up with our acceleration program and had to leave. I’m currently thinking of building this MVP app so that I can search for a new CTO that can digitally scale this business idea. If this excites you, I would love to talk more…

Hola Antonio, welcome!

Your idea is doable, no doubt.

In this forum you can see many similar cases to your project. Of course, there are some topics to consider and develop according to need of your project (e.g. payments).


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Hi Jeff,

I have no idea how much it will cost me to hire a Glide Expert, but for the moment I would like to try it out myself (also, money constraints…). Do you think the chat feature is feasible using Glide?

I’m not looking to get a solution out of this discussion. I just would hate to start building an app to find out in the middle of the process that it’s not doable and start over on another no-code app builder.

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I think you could get something to work. I guess it all depends on how you want your backend process to work, but I think something with a text entry component would work to get user entry into the table. I would probably do something like that instead of using Glide’s built in chat tab and comments component because it will be easier to get the entry into a table row. Then you can work with that data however you need to.


Thank you so much Jeff!

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