Marketplace app for covid-19

Hello Glide team,

I live in Rome and, as you know, we are in quarantine since the beginning of March. All stores are closed and there are queues to buy anything. Supermarkets struggle to delivery at home and small grocery stores and farmer markets are trying to do delivery.

Together with some friends, we are setting up a delivery service for small food shops in my neighborhood. For this reason we are also building an app to collect orders and streamline all the process.

You can find the app here: It is very basic:

  • the user select a shop and create a shopping list (like he would do at the phone)
  • a zap takes the order and send it via email to the merchant
  • the merchant fulfill the order and when all the orders are ready, we send a rider

I would like to do make it better. In particular, I would like to allow the merchant to check his orders directly on the app (not everybody is familiar with emails… they sell vegetables). I read on the documentation that you can have multiple apps that works with the same spreadsheet. That would be great, but I’m not good enough from the technical point of view to have multiple users view and modify the same records.

So, Glide team, here is the deal: you help me with this app, and the we publish it as a template for all the other people that needs to activate a similar service for their neighborhood. I think that a 1 hour video call together will be enough to finish the work (it took me 3 hours to build this starting from scratch and watching the tutorials).

PLMK :slight_smile:

P.s. Awesome product… You rock :wink:

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Ciao Nicola sei riuscito ad andare avanti con il progetto ?

Nope… None from the Glide team answered :frowning:
Bad customer care… very bad!

I’m sure the Glide team is busy with new features and working out bugs as fast as they can. Especially with the recent uptick in new users. Most of their responses are feature or bug related in this forum. I’m not aware of them ever working one on one with a user to help develop their app. However, I think they might give the one on one assistance if you are on the business plan. Otherwise there are several experts that I’m sure would be willing to help ( Also, if you have a specific question, the community may be able to help.