Need an app to "digitize" supply chain for food wholesale/fulfillment & distribution

Hello community, I am new to the forum and trying out the Glide Apps for the first time. More specifically, I am looking for help to setup an app for the wholesale grocery distribution market in select US cities. The MVP will include;

  1. Directory of retail store members on our network - Name, Address, phone, email, website, etc
  2. App/Map search - by US State, City, Zip
  3. Master Inventory (each retail store can place orders based on this list)
  4. Logistics/distribution

I am an importer of specialty foods and i offer warehousing and fulfillment/distribution services to retailers who place orders with me.

Hello @Hippopo , welcome to Glide’s community forum.

At first glance it seems like Glide would be a good solution to develop your MVP. Have you had a look at the template store to see if some templates already seem to suit your needs, at least partially? You could download a few templates and see how these are built. From there, you could either build your MVP from scratch or adapt one of these existing template.

Glide template store

Thank you for the prompt feedback. Yes most of the templates exist, I have even tried some out. I just need expert help to “integrate” them into one app. Is this possible?


multiple stores inventory??? keep in mind that Glide can do only 25k rows…
you can not combine templates… it has to be one… made from scratch

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Two further sources to help you get started:

If you would prefer hiring an expert to help you, head over to the Glide experts page.

Thank you… okay i need to hire an expert then. Appreciate the quick responses.


Thanks again. I have reviewed and even built some templates, I just need some extra step to get this over the line. Expert help looks like it.

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Okay reviewing your company profile. Is specialty food supply chain your turf?

I did restaurants, eCommerce…and some more similar.

Fantastic. Are there references I can look at?

Think of me as the “distribution” center supplying the restaurants with their imported shipments.

how many products do you carry? so it is like a wholesale with delivery?

Couple 100… Max 1000.
After that, “on-demand” requests from the stores/restaurants. I basically source, procure, warehouse and ship. Nothing close to 25K product rows though

is not only about products amount… all orders will be a separate record… meaning 1 row for 1 product ordered for each customer, each time… that might fill up your 25k limit fast…
unless you will archive detailed orders, and keep only summary invoices in Glide App

Now I understand. makes sense. This may be a challenge. I also want to offer frontend for direct consumers to order products from the stores so this really is a B2B2C model

Glide might choke on that… :wink: but what we can do… is to have separate Apps with an integrated google sheets database


have a supply chain App, direct sale app, and logistic app… all based on the same google spreadsheet… which can handle over 2mil records

Which was what I started with but thought i could “integrate” all 3 - reason why i came here. Give me a few days to mockup some more and then I’ll come to you with details. Solution still works for MVP anyhow.

ok… just calculate the rows you need for at least 1-year operation… to close tax, and salaries… in one spreadsheet… or you can archive every month…