Need an app to "digitize" supply chain for food wholesale/fulfillment & distribution

You can check my dictionary App which has 160k rows… that will give you an idea of how long it takes to dig these records in glide.

for sales, you can keep only an inventory database… which will work fast for up to 5k rows…

Okay so what does a costing look like? You pretty much understand what i want to do

in general, there are two ways of hiring us:

  1. Consult the progress of your project over zoom with remote access to correct your formulas and codes… $55/hour
  2. Develop the App on the customer account in team mode… we will estimate the project based on the description of what your app should work and looks like. (eCommerce + logistic Apps can cost anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, but it might go much more depending on how complex your requests will be)

Hello Uzo, i was under the impression you already had this figured out really - connecting retailers and wholesalers in a specific supply chain ecosystem using the same ordering and delivery product listing along with integration to logistics. Didn’t think it would be this expensive. Is there some middle we can reach just for the MVP version?


I don’t have a ready template for that… so I would have to make it from scratch…
That takes up to 2 weeks plus a week of testing and fixing bugs… if your app will be accepting payments, that is a big responsibility to carry… plus some scripts for reminders and confirmation… CSS codes for full-screen desktop versions…
Unless you want just a frame app, so you can finish details yourself… you can combine a few app starters in my Templates Market

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