Online Store and Inventory App combined into a single app

Hello Gliders!

I’ve been manufacturing and selling my own physical product and keeping track of sales an inventory has been a challenge. Basically, a bunch of messy interconnected spreadsheets.

So I decided to build a Glide app to keep all nice and tidy. I’ve been using this app for internal purposes for about 4 months but I thought it maybe useful to other people selling their own physical products too.

Here is a video showing how it works:

The app can be used both as an online store and inventory tracking system.

It automatically calculates how many parts you need to buy to replenish your stock and fulfill your production target.

It is targeted to small hardware entrepreneurs who are manufacturing and selling their own gadgets.

You can purchase a copy of the template at →



Great app Grumo :star_struck:


Good APP and products!!

I like your Palocam, a smart and useful solution in many cases.

Are you its seller o manufacturer?

Saludos Miguel!


Thanks! My dad and I are original creators, manufacturers, and sellers of Palocam :slight_smile:



Good to know it but I still have the doubt: did you all develop the Palocam?

How long can the Palocam‘s batteries last hanging on the pole? :flushed:

And going back to the subject of your APP, sorry :wink:, I saw that your inventory is controlled by your GS, I have tried to do it 100% on Glide natively but have problems to sum/substract my quantities dynamically and automatically (I don’t want to load and read the whole historical sales to get it).

When the Set Column action can work with a multiple relation, surely I will return to my APP and will finish it.

Feliz noche!

Yes. I came with the original idea and developed the product from scratch with the help of my father (a very talented retired electrical engineer).

About 6 hours. It uses permanent magnets so the unit will stay attached to the pole even if the batteries run out.

I would rather use Glide’s native database too, but at least for now, it still is quite limited in functionality.


Awesome job @grumo! :clap:t3:

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:flushed: … tu papá es un crack!!

Saludos y éxitos.

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@gvalero you could check this out. I came up with an idea to update inventory on multiple rows once an order is completed. I limited the max amount of unique items to 20 items, but the quantity for each item can be unlimited. It’s heavy on column usage to build all the relations to update each product. (I’m not a fan of my method, but I couldn’t think of another way to update multiple rows at once purely in glide.) With some of the newer features, it could maybe be trimmed down a bit. Maybe it could give you some ideas for managing inventory within glide.


Thanks Jeff!

I have already read your thread about it and understood the workaround but as you wrote, there are many columns and tricks on the way and I try to avoid those solutions unless the solution is urgent or the APP is on production.

You know that there have been improvements on Glide based on our suggestions or ideas from Glide team and most cases I’d rather to wait for this native solution instead of using a customized and complicated trick (I remember the case when the Joined List feature was born… I almost cried :blush:).

To sum up, I have problems with my conscience if I have to do this: :face_with_head_bandage:

Total = Var1+Var2+Var3+Var3+Var4+Var5+ ... +VarN

If we can do it easier and more efficient with:

N=20, x =1
While (x<= N)  {
   Total+= Var[x];

The booking APPs are other cases like this. To try to fight and handle dates and arrays to have an order of available dates/hours is heavy using the standard Glide’s components (congratulations to the folks who tried this before). Now, using JS code on EC columns the solution is more decent and easy to maintain (my point of view) although I admit that not everyone knows about programming.

Gracias de nuevo Jeff!

Feliz día.