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The new Glide Inventory app is part of our professional suite of apps made for the workplace (we call them #AppsForWork). Copy this app to manage stock, orders, restocking logs, and customers. And it’s completely customizable, in case pink is not your color. :wink:

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The inventory is not updating in this app when trying the Sale or Restock button that you are showing here. The stock level remains the same.

Is this intentional?

Thank you!

Are you using the Preview button to preview the app? Template previews don’t usually make updates to the database. If you have your own copy of it, then it would most likely update the inventory.

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Hi Jeff, thank you for your response.

I am in my own copy I believe under the trial pro account. Please see my screenshot of the inventory datasheet. I made multiple sales attempts to change the inventory but it stays stuck at 70 for this item.

Also, one observation. With every sale, the orders column gets added another round button style “tag” in this cell. You can see 1 Restock and 3 Sale tags there in the screenshot. Wow, so if I use this app in a real business environment I will grow the cell with another “tag” for each Sale or Restock action??

That’s a relation. It’s not a tag. It’s telling you that there are rows in another table that are related to the row you are currently viewing. That’s how it supposed to work. Whichever table the restocking and sales are writing to is showing as another related item in that relation column.

The rollup columns should adjust based on the related rows in that relation. If not, you’ll have to check to see which column the rollups are referring to and see it they are pointing to the correct column.

Thank you Jeff for the clarification. Correct, those are relations.

I think the formula in the stock level column is incorrect. I am attaching it. It says SUM of Orders → Inventory qty.
I would expect something about “Old Stock Level” - ORDERS + PURCHASES = “New stock level”.
I don’t even know how this would work since the new stock level will be the old stock level with the next transaction.

I just don’t get it. But this is the app made by GLIDE company. How can it not work?

This is showing the Inventory Orders & Re-stock table. The bottom 4 transactions are mine. There are a few suspiciously empty columns for my transactions while others above are all filled. Somehow maybe my transactions are not recording in this table completely?

Confusing. I already wrote to Glide. Maybe they can answer. Would love to use this product but it’s not convincing at this point.

Everything as far as the data looks like it could be correct, but there may be an issue with the form not setting some of the values correctly, or maybe some of the settings got lost when your copy was made. Either way, probably good to let them know. If I had some more free time, I’d make a copy and take a look, but I’ll be mostly unavailable for the rest of the week.

Thank you Jeff. I appreciate it.

I need to decide soon if I go with Appsheet or Glide.

Adolo doesn’t have an inventory template which makes me think that their product may not be the right one for me. Also localization issues.



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