Accessing App: Sales data to filter what the signed in user sees

Newbie - this is my 4th day on Glide (please be gentle). I’m using Free not Pro, with a Buy button and Stripe integration, working on an app where people login with email and pay for an item.
Once the user pays in Stripe they just see an “order complete” message, but I’d like to show them the unique item(s) they’ve purchased (using the data from App: Sales) and also remove that item from, or at least update a column in, my inventory sheet.
I can’t see how to create a tab/layout that can access the data in App: Sales and/or how to update my inventory sheet with a paid status or email or reference from App: Sales.
It seems a fairly standard problem to me though, so I’m pretty sure I’m doing something wrong and/or a non-newbie must have solved this problem… looking forward to your help!

You can use a formula like ={'App: Sales'!A:Z} in a new sheet to duplicate the data and make it accessible through the app.

For your inventory count, I would use ARRAYFORMULA COUNTIF formula in the inventory sheet to get a number of matching SKU’s from the APP: Sales sheet, then subtract the resulting number from the beginning inventory number to get a total remaining.


Thanks Jeff! The first part is a perfect solution and is now implemented - yay!
The inventory formula I’ve been trying - I’ve never used Arrayformula before - and I’ll keep going tomorrow to try and work it out.

There’s a Rollup column type that was released yesterday. That might be an easier way to count the number of sold items. I think you just need to set up a relation column, using SKU, to the duplicated app:sales sheet. Then add a Rollup column to count the number of matching rows. Much easier than doing a formula in the sheet, but still take the time to learn about arrayformulas. They are very powerful and will come in handy over and over in the future.

Bingo! Thank you so much - really appreciate your help.

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