AUTO-TAKE OFF for 'sales order' purchases?

Hi guys,

I’ve been using Glide for about one month now and starting to understand how it fully works.

I am having one key issue in my database app however and would just like to hear some of your opinions on a possible fix?

I’ve built an inhouse stock manager system which allows our team to visualise our 800+ rows of stock (about 4000pcs total made up of different styles and variations).

As we are are only using it for management currently, we have created a form that writes into a tab that we have called ‘sales orders’. Our team sell a physical piece of stock in store, create the sales order then the warehouse team process it. fairly simple.

However, I am having an issue creating a fluid stock level.

I need for my team to be able to ‘sell’ 4 pcs in the form, then it automatically takes off from the stock level in the main stocksheet. (originally there was 8, now there are only 4 after the sales form has been filled out).

We first started doing this a simple way, for example:

There were 8 in stock then 4 sold, so functions in excel take it down to 4, However this presented the issue of us being able to ‘edit’ the true stock quantity as it was built via formulas. So if we incorrectly counted there were 8 in stock (true stock was 7), sold 4 then went to check and there was only 3 left. our database was incorrect and we could not edit the original stock quantity as it was formualted to display a true value.

I have managed to achieve this using an integromat function

Webhook → Sheet search → Update row (selects specific column then does a formula to show old value (8) - sales form value (4) in this case.

i’ve been playing around with increment function however it’s quite limited,

Just wondering if anyone else had any potential fixes/ideas?

Absolutely loving the app also, it has surpassed our previous stock system that we were using and are fully integrating Glide into our business.

Thanks !

You should be able to rollup the total number of pieces sold through a relation + rollup using the ID of each item.

Then if you want to increase/decrease anything I would advise making an additional Changes sheet. Just have the item ID and quantity change in there, to have a log of any changes made from your team.

Create an additional rollup for the changes sheet.

Live stock number = Original number + Changes - Sold.