Form to do a simple inventory

I’m new to Glide, and wanted to use it for a very simple inventory as following :

  • a list of items
  • Next to each item, the user can choose in a scrolling menu the number of units in stock for the item (scrolling menu from 1 to 50 max, for instance)
    At the end of this list, there is a button to send this inventory by email.
    Any idea if such a form is possible on Glide ?

Thanks !!!

Some questions here:

  • How do you add the list of items? Do they differ by user?

  • If the list is the same for every user, does each user enter different number of units?

  • How do you want the final list to be presented in email? A file or just text in the email body?

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Hello ThinhDinh !

Thanks for your reply.

The list of items is hard entered by myself. The list is the same for each user. The result doesn’t necessary have to be stored in a databased. Just sent by email.

Twice a week, one employee will send this form, and the email should just look like this :

Butter : 2
Honey : 7
Milk : O

food trays (boxes) : 8
Forks (1000 units bags) : 2

and so on…

Thank you !!

Would the list ever change?

We will perhaps haver to add new items, but at very rare occasions.

Here’s what I think, assuming you are using Glide Pages, and don’t need to store submissions:

  • Create a table with all your item names.
  • Add a user-specific number column that will store the quantities.
  • On your page, add a custom collection pointing to the Items table. Show the item name, item image, description (whatever you need to add), and a number entry pointing to the number column above.
  • Add a template column in your Items table to combine the item name and the quantity (e.g - Butter: 2).
  • Add a joined list column to join all rows’ template column values.

It might be a bit more tricky if you absolutely need the “categories” in there (Grocery, Packaging, etc), so let me know if you need it. Otherwise, with the joined list column that should be enough to be the body of a Send Email action. You should add a “today” value in there somewhere (maybe the Subject?) so you can track things easier in your mailbox.

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