How to make a detailed list that can be shared by users?

I wanted to make a shopping list app that shares the list by email. Is this possible with Glide? Would it work best connecting the sheet to Zappier, so when a user makes a list I get an email?

Also, can I make a choice component or text field that adds detail to list items? So you can select a type, brand and quantity or add text, where you can write specifics for each item (ex: Add to the list “Apples” and select or write “6 granny smiths” as the details).

I’d like to be able to browse items and add them (with specifics/details) to a list that can be shared somehow or sent by email for someone to pick up specific items at the shop.

You’re spot on. You can add details to lists using a form button. When new row is added to the responses sheet > trigger email to you.

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