Add a shopping list from recipe ingredients

I am creating an app that will allow users to select recipes with all the instructions

What I want to do is add a button that when selected will create a shopping list based on the ingredients.

Like a pivot table but from within the app

Is this possible?

yes, is possible, there are many ways to do it… depends on how your data is stored


My data set up is quite messy as i keep adding but i have attached a picture below

So what you expect is when you choose Vegan Burgers then all items on the final column will be added to your “Shopping list”?


I’m aware my last message was very abrupt. Apologies I was wrestling my kids at bed time.

Yeah I would like to add a button within the app that adds the shopping list column to shopping list section.

It would be a huge bonus if it could ehave like a pivot table but not essential.

Any pointers on setting this up would be appreciated


No worries!

Assuming you’re letting the user click a button in the details view of each row, you can use an Integromat scenario to do this.

Add an Integromat webhook to send data from Glide, I assume you just need to send the email of the user and the “Shopping List Items”.

Then in Integromat, add an iterator that runs on a split from the Shopping List Items. Every iteration will add a row to your “Shopping List” sheet with the user’s email and the splitted item.

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Is there a way to this on zapier as its the software I’m more familiar with?

I’m not quite familiar with iterating in Zapier, hopefully this link from Luhhu can help.

I switched from Zapier to Integromat more than half a year ago, it’s more flexible and cost less for me.

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I will have a look at integromat.

Appreciate your time and help

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Let us know if you need any further help with this!