Option to Remove Favorite Bar from Screen

I would love to have the option to remove the favorites bar from certain screens. Kind of like what we have for the search bar.

For my favorites tab, the favorites are listed under ‘All’, and then there is a ‘Favorites’ bar as well, which has the same list.

Just change your tab to the details layout, then add an inline list filtered to only show favorites. Then it won’t show the favorites bar.

I have it set to a details layout…The problem is once I click the see all text for an inline list I have on the tab. So I guess in this case there should be an option to remove the favorites bar for inline lists, which cannot have a details layout.

I have the problem that I am using Swipes so I have to have an Inline list.
Then I removed Fav when I started making my app (as I did not want to see Fav as an option in the swipe view as it makes no sense in my app in that place
Then I decided that a nice ‘pin’ concept would be good - and so I had a sort of Fav column
Then I tried to get the Button / Fav working - which is did once I renamed my Fav column, then a nice new Is Favorite column appeared
Then I realized the interface changed and added that menu component at the top (see my screenshot)
then I got rid of all the Fav buttons… BUT the menu bar remains…

And to get rid of it, it seems like I have to … rebuild everything (including all the detail screens that hang off the inline list).

This is not a good thing at all!!!

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i have the exact same problem with the swipe list
and the crazy part is that im using the swipe list to show filtered by favorite content so the ALL/Favorite button is totally useless.